A story that has all of LKP's favorite things: Time travel, Coast to Coast AM, and electrical equipment theft.

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17 min

Come with us on a learning journey. Are frogs insects? Are scorpion bugs? What happens if you smoke scorpion venom?

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16 min
124: Dentists
May 15, 2023

We delve deep into our own mouths for this one, talking tooth pulls and why you should never trust a dentist

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24 min

Our boots on the ground reporter KY returns to prison to further expose the pigeon drug trade that is plaguing our society

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8 min

You'd think it would be pretty cool if your dad brought home a lion as a pet, right? Only if taking over your house and banging your mom is cool. Which it totally is

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21 min

Voluntary amputation, woodshop accidents, and hungry hungry train tracks. See y'all in Nub City

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22 min
120: Oneida
May 1, 2023

We take you on a journey from a small community practicing free love - group marriage, mature women "mentoring" adolescent boys, and communal child care - to the cold, placid world of silverware manufacturing

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35 min
119: Lucien Greaves
April 27, 2023

Get your Baphomet statues and pentagrams out! We're talking the founder of the Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves

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32 min
118: Aimo Koivenun
April 24, 2023

A Finnish ski patrol unit gets ambushed by Soviet forces. They manage to slip away but now have to cross country ski hundreds of kilometers through fresh snow. Their solution? Give ONE guy the entire unit's supply of meth pills. Eat your heart our Sonic the Hedgehog

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30 min
117: Scars
April 20, 2023

The boys answer the question: How did we get these scars?

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38 min