111: Jon Logan
March 27, 2023

LKP loves a villain - and there's nothing more villainous than exploiting prisoners' communication access to the outside world. What do you do with this wealth you've built? Buy yachts, fast cars, and suck on cat penises (presumably)

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46 min
110: Origin Story
March 23, 2023

By popular demand, the gang goes down memory road and recounts how we met, how we started the podcast, and how we built our feet pic empire

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30 min
109: Abe Vigoda 2?
March 20, 2023

What do Bob Hope, Jeff Goldblum... wait, wait, haven't we done this before? Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. How about J-money tells the gang about his time in boot camp instead?

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43 min

Taquitos, chocolate donuts, and loosies — the gang describes their gas station vices

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15 min
107: Remy Van Lierde
March 14, 2023

Belgian WWII pilot Remy Van Lierde spends his post-war life in the Belgian Congo, where he sees a giant motherfucking snake from a motherfucking plane.

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26 min
106: Gator Lady
March 9, 2023

J-money regales us with tales of his Florida travels and a gator claims a life. Lots of nipple play in this one folks

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11 min

Come meet the man who's described as "the most litigious man in history" - No one is safe from his suing. George W Bush, Nostradamus, the planet Pluto, all survivors of the Holocaust, the video game Grand Theft Auto, have all felt his wrath

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39 min

Sometimes you get to suck the tit, other times the tit sucks you

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14 min

A tale of two scientists, Barry James Marshall and Justin Orvel Schmidt, both committed their bodies to science. Listen in for TMI about the gang's gastrointestinal habits and our worst fears

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1 hr 6 min
102: Exposing KY
Feb. 25, 2023

BigCat procures some damning evidence against KY and presents his case

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13 min